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What Is SpeechLive?

The Philips SpeechLive service is a web-based management system for dictation storage, playback, and delivery. With the new flexible, browser-based, on-demand cloud solution, going from speech-to-text has never been easier. It offers you full mobility. You can now take control of your entire dictation workflow, no matter if you are in the office or on the go.


Flexible document creation
according to your needs:

philips speechlive workflow

All your dictations always 
where you are

Take down your notes, tasks, or documents using a dictation device or the Philips voice recorder app on your smartphone. Send your recording to your assistant for transcription, or depending on the complexity and urgency of your document, take advantage of one of our Philips SpeechLive voice-to-text services.

Is your assistant ill or too busy with other important things? No problem - with Philips SpeechLive, you can use our speech recognition or transcription service on demand. These services will do the typing for you and send back the finished documents straight to your mailbox within no time.

Philips SpeechLive is the ultimate dictation workflow solution. Record your voice and access your files online from anywhere at any time. Save time by having speech recognition software or professional transcriptionists quickly and accurately type up your documents for you.



SpeechLive benefits

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Working anywhere and anytime
Access and manage your dictations through your browser from anywhere. Transcription from home is also no longer a problem, as you can safely use your private computer to playback and transcribe recordings.

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Be mobile
When using the Philips voice recorder app for your smartphone you don’t even need a computer to access and manage your dictations – this can all be done from your smartphone.

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Highest security standards
SpeechLive offers highly secure online storage thanks to HTTPS protocol, automatic double encryption in real-time, server mirroring and an automatic back up. Keeping your data reliably secured and available at all times.

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Excellent workflow management
Adapt the solution to your company’s way of working. Administrators can easily define authors and typists, as well as assigning the workflow from anywhere in the world.

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Smooth integration into existing workflows
SpeechLive works perfectly with Philips dictation devices and can easily be implemented into your existing workflow. SpeechLive even supports mixed environments, where not all users have access to SpeechLive.

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Flexible subscriptions
SpeechLive adapts to suit the needs of your business by giving you the opportunity to adjust the number of users at any time.

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