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New Release: Dragon Professional Anywhere Now Available!

Dragon Dictation uses Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to generate the text almost as quickly as you can speak. Simply speak into a microphone and the words will appear on your PC. Dragon software can generate text faster than you could possibly type. Generally, it's about 80% faster than typing. Can you imagine how much time you'll be able to save by dictating, as opposed to tapping each key and then checking the spelling
Dragon Naturally Speaking is incapable of making spelling errors, as it uses a dictionary.  Dragon software continuously improves from the day you start using it!
You no longer have to complete voice training. You no longer have to read a series of paragraphs to train the program. It's much easier and simpler to set up and use. In fact it only takes a few minutes to get started.
If you are a Medical Doctor click here for Dragon Medical.

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        Dragon Professional Individual 15 with Jabra Wireless Headset (PC)

        Package: Dragon Professional Individual 15 (Digital Download) Jabra 65 Evolve Headset (bluetooth) ---- Options: Remote Training Get the most out of Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s powerful and accurate voice recognition software by buying a Jabra wireless edition package. Simply walk away from your machine and dictate your notes from the filing cabinet...