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Dragon Premium 12/13 to Professional 15 Upgrade (Windows)

A Dragon Dragon Premium 12 / 13 Serial/Install Key is required to order this upgrade.

    • This is a Download Only only. Broadband internet required.
    • You can order a USB installer drive as an accessory.
    • DO NOT ORDER THIS UPGRADE if you have Legal 13/14, Medical 2/3.
    • This upgrade will not upgrade from Professional 12/13/14 to Professional.

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    It's time to get serious about speech recognition.

    Digital Download.
    Please Ensure you have your Dragon Premium Serial/Install Key before ordering as this is required for validation.

    Now you have mastered Dragon Premium it's time to it step up a level with Dragon Professional 15.

    Experience the enhanced features such as a larger vocabulary, higher accuracy, digital voice recorder support, network user management and the ability to install Dragon Professional on up to four computers for one user. You can now also create any command and execute by voice. For example, you could log into certain websites, click on certain buttons, take control of customised applications all by voice! Command creation is a very powerful feature of Dragon Professional 13 as it allows you to take control of your computer by voice.

    Upgrade to the fastest and most accurate way to interact with your computer

    • Australian accent included. Latest version 15
    • Delivers up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right out of the box
    • Get highly accurate speech recognition results with no training required
    • Eliminate spelling concerns and minimize corrections
    • Enjoy superior reliability and performance with Dragon’s strong technology foundation
    • Provides a personalized voice-driven experience
    • Achieve increasingly accurate results the more you use it
    • Enjoy personalized accuracy; Dragon learns the words and phrases you use the most and spells even difficult words and proper names correctly
    • Further enhance accuracy with optional advanced training or analysis of existing documents and emails
    • Work your way using Smart Format Rules; dictate naturally and the text appears as you intended it to
    • Work effortlessly with a solution that just “gets” you and how you speak
    • Performs with fast response times and minimal latency
    • Talk at normal speeds and see words appear on the screen almost instantly
    • Receive immediate feedback on what you say so you can check it right away
    • Never lose a beat in your train of thought; Dragon captures your ideas as fast as you can speak them

    Use your voice to dictate documents or enter text anywhere you normally type
    Dragon eliminates barriers to productivity and creativity by letting you interact with your computer by voice. It turns your spoken thoughts into text and your voice commands into action so you don’t have to worry about the mechanics of typing and spelling.

    • Think out loud
    • Overcome writer’s block
    • Express yourself more creatively
    • Avoid spelling errors
    • Capture ideas up to three times faster than typing
    • Multitask thanks to hands-free interaction
    • Enter text quickly in forms, chats, social media, blogs and more

    We can even offer you one-on-one training to make sure that you get the best from this professional grade speech recognition software

    So upgrade from Dragon Premium to Dragon Professional 13 today experienced the best that speech recognition has to offer.

    Enterprise-ready for large license deployments

    Dragon 15 Professional provides security features, configuration options, and administrative tools that make it easy to manage voice profiles, custom vocabularies and commands, feature access and multiple installations over a network. Administrators can obtain a recognition log file for each end-user, enabling them to gather rich, objective usage information. They can use this information to provide targeted advice for improving recognition accuracy and to measure return on the solution investment.