Dragon Professional 15 Review

Dragon Professional 15 Takes Productivity to New Levels

The new Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional has been launched worldwide, and this version takes speech recognition to places it's never been before. After two years, the software has undergone a major update with exponential improvements over versions 12 and 13. The Dragon product is in its 20th year of production, and this year marks its 15th release. Behind-the-scenes upgrades by the Nuance have made Dragon NaturallySpeaking the benchmark for dictation software for years, and this new iteration is head and shoulders above the rest. A wealth of added features make Dragon Professional well worth the investment.

Higher Accuracy, Greater Flexibility

The premier enhancement of Dragon Professional 15 is a 20% higher accuracy rate than any previous version. The app now also supports built-in laptop microphones as well as external mics, allowing users to dictate directly into most major web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9 and up.

Both new and veteran Dragon users are also thrilled to be able to dictate blog posts and social media status updates with the software. Users may also dictate right into just about any text app, from the most feature-rich application to the most rudimentary notepad. The software allows for the dictating and editing of everything from basic documents and spreadsheets to presentations and business emails. Web searches can now be spoken, and many common business processes can be automated. Users are also singing the praises of the speed, comfort and ease with which these spoken tasks can be accomplished.

Beyond Premium to Professional

What sets the Professional version apart from the other Dragon products? This enterprise-ready Professional version of Dragon 15 can literally turn an office into "productivity central." The licencing is still "per person" but you can install your Professional software on up to four computers (the Premium version only allows for use with one computer.) Dragon Professional also comes with a larger vocabulary and additional network features.

Loaded with Features and Benefits

Dragon Professional 15 features and benefits at a glance include:

Higher productivity. Productivity is increased across an enterprise when voice recognition software is used. Dictation is on average up to 3 times faster than standard typing, and with Dragon, there can be up to a 99% accuracy of recognition. Reports, presentations and spreadsheets can all be dictated, improving workflow as less time is required to complete these items.

Efficient document creation. Documents can be created quickly and accurately, as NaturallySpeaking can be trained to learn from existing documents to help build its vocabulary. The software also supports a number of accents - including Australian.

Intuitive commands. A built-in macro system allows for the automation of commonly used text such as specific email signatures. Command shortcuts allow for the building of a simple voice command to be used for common or recurring tasks. An example might be saying "New Client" to signal Dragon Professional to open the existing sales lead management tool. Other commands might include:

• Logging into a website automatically by voice
• Clicking on specific buttons in your favourite program
• Turning a mouse-click "heavy" program into a voice operated hands-free program
• Move amongst input fields by voice to rapidly populate forms and databases.

Create custom words. Custom words such as names, acronyms, industry-specific terms and other proper nouns can be created and exported. With Dragon Professional, they can be easily shared across the network with other users in the company so that each user doesn’t have to teach Dragon or "reinvent the wheel."

Transcription features. With Dragon's transcription capabilities, users can dictate on the fly and then transcribe back at their PC; the software will automatically transcribe audio files into text. The software also supports a Nuance-endorsed digital voice recorder that can allow for advanced recording functionality. This feature also works with the free Dragon Recorder app used with any compatible iOS device.

Accuracy. Precision and accuracy are crucial for success in business, and Dragon Professional delivers. With Dragon, there can be up to 99% accuracy in voice recognition. The precision of the product is rock-solid, even when using a device's built-in microphone. Users with reasonably good diction can expect up to triple their input speed over manual typing.

The Industry Standard Just Got Better

Dragon is widely considered the industry standard for dictation software, leading the pack for speech-to-text technology. While Dragon has already cornered the market on voice recognition technology, the company is clearly not resting on its laurels. With this new release in particular, it continues to "wow" its client base as well as draw in new users by pushing the envelope and creating new features and benefits.

Innovations by the Nuance have made Dragon the benchmark for dictation software, and this new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 15 surpasses the rest. A wealth of improvements and added features make Dragon Professional well worth the investment. For those seeking the productivity enhancements of a speech-to-text product geared toward the business user, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 15 fits the bill. 

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