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Dragon Legal 15 - Wireless SpeechMike Air Package

Wireless Package includes

  • No longer for sale. Replaced by Dragon Professional Anywhere.
  • Dragon Professional Individual Legal 15 voice recognition software (download)
  • The Philips Speech Mike Air SMP4000 wireless handheld digital microphone
  • 1 hour of remote software training through TeamViewer
  • 12 months of helpdesk support delivered via email, phone, or TeamViewer
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Work smarter, not harder with our Dragon Legal Individual 15 Speech Recognition Wireless Package!
Our Voice Recognition Australia Dragon Legal Individual 15 Package is much more than simply software!

    As a legal professional, most of your job involves writing, typing, and transcribing legal documentation, case files, contracts, briefs, and reports.

    You can talk and think much faster than you can type. With smart artificial intelligence technology, voice recognition software is more helpful than ever, helping you hours off your weekly workload by accurately transcription your legal dictation. 

    Stop spending hours of your valuable work day with mundane typing and documentation and start spending more time serving your clients and getting work done!

    With Dragon Software’s new Naturally Speaking Legal Individual Voice Recognition Software, you can dictate all written documentation and correspondence faster and more accurately than ever before!

    In our Voice Recognition Australia Dragon Legal Individual 15 Package, we’ll help your learn way around the voice recognition software through a personalized training session and need-based helpdesk support until you can navigate all its useful features like a pro, using the latest wireless handheld digital microphone!

      Dragon Legal Individual 15 Wireless

      This advanced voice recognition software is designed to help legal professionals of all kinds streamline their daily tasks! Its hands-free typing technology can transform your daily workflow.

      Dragon Legal Individual’s innovative technology allows you to work more efficiently without sacrificing accuracy! Its ground-breaking Deep Learning speech recognition technology allows it to function like a personal typist, learning your inflections and writing style to more accurately type your dictated words.

      This software helps you create, edit, and format case files, contracts, briefs, and more simply by the sound of your voice! You’ll be amazed at your improved efficiency, reduced transcription time and costs, and increased productivity!

      Not only can Dragon Legal transcribe your legal documents faster than you can type, it can also search the internet, send emails, control your calendar, and seamlessly navigate Microsoft Office Suite products and similar applications, all with up to 99% accuracy and zero spelling mistakes!

      Powered by Deep Learning

      Using a next-generation Deep Learning technology, Dragon Legal Software automatically adapts to your voice and environmental variations to accelerate your daily legal transcription tasks, improving your client service!

      Prepare case files, contracts, briefs and format citations automatically—all by voice. Dragon Legal allows you to customize your legal processes like never before!

      • Built with an included specialized legal vocabulary
      • Create a custom dictionary of words and legal terms specific to individual clients, industries, or areas of specialty
      • Insert standardised content quickly using auto-texts voice commands
      • Short-cut repetitive tasks by creating custom voice commands
      • Dictate, control, and edit within your favorite business applications with Full Text Control for fully voice-driven editing and command capabilities
      • Record legal notes using a digital recorder for later transcription by you or your staff
      • Connect and use Dragon on any supported device, including your smart phone so you can dictate and edit anywhere at anytime
      • And more!

      Philips Speech Mike Air SMP4000

      This state-of-the-art high-quality wireless microphone is specially designed to integrate with speech recognition software like Dragon.

      This wireless microphone includes a docking station for easy device connectivity, a powerful battery for long-lasting battery life, and a built-in mouse touch sensor so that the transition from speech to mouse is seamless and easy!

      If you’re ready to dramatically transform your day-to-day workflow as a legal professional, let our Voice Recognition Australia Dragon Legal Individual 15 Package help!

      Note: If you’re looking for advanced networking capabilities, check out our Dragon Professional Group Legal Package!




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