Speech vs typing: A look at speed and accuracy
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Speech vs typing: A look at speed and accuracy

Everyone who has ever had to type out a lengthy document or set of notes will understand the frustration of sitting down and laboriously typing out text on a computer, especially lawyers and doctors who have to do so many times a day.

This is a time-consuming process that would seemingly have no alternative, but there is one – voice recognition software. With a program that's easily installed on a computer, speaking is all that's required to replace a keyboard.

But the question likely lingers: Is it really as fast and accurate as using a keyboard?

Dependable speed and accuracy

Many professionals will be hesitant before making the jump to voice recognition, citing speed and accuracy as issues. Professionals (especially doctors and lawyers) need to create clear notes quickly, often between consultations or meetings.

Accuracy and speed aren't a problem with voice recognition software, and studies have shown that it's actually as accurate and fast as typing.

For example, the British Journal of Educational Technology published a case study on the benefits of speaking versus typing – specifically the accuracy of the dictated documents. The study had two participants write 14 letters each (one with voice, the other with a keyboard) and found there were no significant differences between the documents.

The only notable difference with the voice notes was that the speaker tended to use longer sentences.

In another, a Carnegie Mellon University study found that one of the prime benefits of dictating information to a computer was that users are freed from having to locate individual keys on a keyboard. While this may not be an issue for experienced typists, novice computer users will find substantial speed improvements with voice recognition.

Scott Hanselman, a speaker and programmer for Microsoft, noted that he was able to nearly double his score on a writing test when using voice, as opposed to standard typing. What's more, the number of errors stayed proportionate on both tests.

It's clear that voice recognition software is a good option for doctors and lawyers, especially as time is of the essence when working in these fields.

Every professional should think about the benefits of voice recognition software, especially in fields that require constant and comprehensive note taking such as legal and medical. This software makes it easy to focus on what matters – taking clear notes without any errors.

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