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Olympus DS-7000 Recorder On Sale this month! Only $539!

Olympus DS-7000: A Great Recorder at A Great Price!

There is a new Olympus recorder available where optimum digital recording is required for business.

The arrival of Olympus DS-7000 digital voice recorder in the market was something to look forward to, especially if you needed to upgrade your Olympus DS-5000 voice recorder.

NEWS: The DS-7000 is On Sale for only $539 – normally $699!   We ALWAYS have Stock.olympus ds-7000

Professional Dictation – Olympus DS-7000

First, the audio quality of the Olympus DS-7000 is superior to its competitors because of its built-in microphone, which is complete with low-noise features. This only means that it catches voice recordings for clear and accurate transcription. The new DS-7000 has re-sized the microphone and refining its housing for better sound capture. Practitioners in medical and legal fields will find it perfect for their type of work considering the excellent quality and construction.

Second, the Olympus DS-7000 is designed to integrate with Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5 software. This means voice to text transcription is enhanced and integration is much easier. With this higher voice recognition capacity, accuracy is improved and its more convenient to synchronize the voice files.

Thirdly, the digital voice recorder is easy and convenient to use. The enhanced usability allows users to make the most of the slide switch for automatic recording. The premium metal body also housed a clear TFT LCD display. Users can clearly see the information found in the screen while recording.

Fourth, Olympus DS-7000 allow up top 21 hours of recording, fit for heavy duty jobs by medical and legal professionals. Recordings can be easily transferred through  LAN/WAN or simply through SD card. The expanded memory of the digital recorder also makes it a topnotch choice among professionals who only rely on excellent products for great results.

In summary, the Olympus DS-7000 at $539 is a major bargain. Users will also enjoy the lifelong support from Olympus Australia for  peace of mind.
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