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How to use the Dragon recorder app with NaturallySpeaking.

I’m not sure if everybody knows this, but there is a free iPhone or android application that allows you to use your mobile device as a voice recorder for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Of course, your mobile phone is no substitdragon recorder app iphone androidute for a high quality digital voice recorder such as the Olympus DS7000 or Philips DPM8000, however, in a pinch you could use the voice recorder app to make a quick recording and have it transcribed by Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Your accuracy may vary, because mobile phones pick up a bit more background noise than a dedicated digital voice recorder that has noise cancelling. It’s also best to set up a separate profile for a digital voice recorder, but you can run the recordings through your USB microphone profile. It’s just a lot more accurate to set up a dedicated Dragon profile for a voice recorder.

Here’s the video. You have any questions call us on 1300 255 900. You can also visit our contact page or post a question via twitter.

This blog post was created using Dragon Medical Practice 2 Edition and was dictated by using the Nuance Power Mic II handheld digital microphone.

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