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How Does Speech Recognition Work? How does Dragon NaturallySpeaking work on my Iphone?

dragon iphone appSpeech recognition identifies words and sentences from a human speaker using sophisticated computer algorithms and highly complex software modelling. The most sophisticated speech recognition software available today is Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is what they consider a “natural speech” voice recognition application.

Natural speech recognition applications allow you to speak as if you’re speaking to another person in complete sentences and the program will understand you quite well. You are required to use some kind of punctuation as a computer speech recognition software doesn’t understand when to end sentences  and is not sure where to add commas and full stops.

In the last two years speech recognition software has become increasingly sophisticated. Its implementation into smart phones and iPhones has meant that it has developed into a critical must have application for the mobile user.speech recognition iphone

An example of this is the new Apple Siri speech recognition application. We understand that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the core application driving the Siri speech application. However, because your iPhone or your android mobile phone is not powerful enough and is not contain enough RAM to process natural language, your voice recording is sent to the supercomputers at Nuance (or Apple – we are not sure) where voice recognition is performed on the audio sample that you have spoken in the iPhone. It is then processed and sent back to your phone. And the speech recognition results appear.

Nuance also have their own Dragon NaturallySpeaking application for the iPhone, is very similar to Siri but probably has a larger vocabulary.It Is Called “Dragon Go”. Dragon Go is also available on android smartphones.

So even though it appears that your iPhone is processing of speech recognition it is in fact actually sending the audio for processing and then retrieving the text really quickly.
That means that less powerful smartphones can still use speech recognition. The disadvantage is that you need to be connected to the Internet via your 3G data connection for speech recognition to work.

This is only the first blog report explaining the benefits and application of speech recognition software. Stay tuned for more informative reports on emergent voice recognition technology.

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