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Dragon Training in Canberra

We all know how hard it is to learn new software. On-line training is OK most of the time. And group training in computer centres works pretty well – assuming you had your morning coffee and are remotely interested in learning that day!However, if you want to gain the most from your new software application – especially when its productivity enhancing like Dragon Naturally Speaking, then you need a dedicated  training professional to visit you onsite at your work location.

dragon training canberra

You will gain the most benefit from one-on-one Dragon Training because:

  • Its your computer, set up how you like it. You’re comfy!
  • Your working on your Dragon voice profile, using your vocabulary.
  • You have your own headset microphone, not some old used microphone
  • You will pay attention because its just you and the trainer
  • You will receive a customised Dragon training program that suits your needs

Voice Recognition Australia conduct Dragon User Training in Canberra and have done for an amazing 13 years. They are Dragon Certified by Nuance – that means they know what they are talking about and can train you properly. Call 1300 255 900 to book in your next Dragon Training session.


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