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Dragon Professional 12 Review

dragon naturally speaking professional
When I first heard about speech recognition and learned that Dragon NaturallySpeaking was the best available software in the world  I had to have it. And Dragon has a specialised Australian voice recognition vocabulary. That’s an essential feature as Australian accents don’t work well on the Microsoft version of speech recognition, as it is based on US English.

I decided that I needed the best possible speech recognition.

So instead of buying Dragon Home – the basic version of Dragon – or buying Dragon Premium, the middle of the road version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I went for the most powerful version available in the marketplace – Dragon Professional 12

And to be honest, I’ve never regretted it. I’m now able to dictate all my e-mail, my posts on Internet forums and my Facebook and Twitter accounts  with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

And I am now dictating directly into this WordPress blog on speech recognition. The words are appearing immediately it’s quite amazing and extremely accurate.

Yet, I wasn’t happy with the included microphone with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The basic microphone in Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional is acceptable but I needed.
With a digital noise cancelling premium USB headset and a powerful core i7 Intel computer with 8 gig of RAM, I now had the hardware grunt to match all that Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional could deliver.more speed and more accuracy. After calling voicerecognition.com.au – Australia’s distributors of Dragon NaturallySpeaking – I ordered a new NC181VM USB digital noise cancelling microphone.

usb microphone

A long story short, if you want the best and you don’t have time to muck around with the middle of the road – buy Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 12.

It’s not for pretenders. It’s for people who are prepared to fully integrate speech recognition into their daily workflow. It’s for professional business people who need to accelerate their productivity and who are being held back by their slow typing.

One extra feature is mobile digital dictation (using a high-quality voice recorder). It’s for professionals who need to carry a digital voice recorder on them so they can dictate when out and about. Who can then later have their audio dictation automatically transcribed into Microsoft Word by Dragon Professional.

I could go on about the extra features that Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional has over Dragon Home and Dragon Premium, however I think most of my readers get the point.

You get what you pay for and speech recognition is no different. It’s really about how much you value your own time.

I don’t like to compromise – Do you?

CALL 1300 255 900 to order.



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