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Dragon Medical 4.2 Now Available

Dragon Medical 4.1 has been updated to the new 4.2 version. This includes a host of enhancements which will improve compatibility with other programs such as office, word and chrome.

Initially, will we be rolling this out to a limited selection of customers while we evaluate its performance in the unique Australian medical environment.

Soon we will offer the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.2 update to any customer who has active upgrade assurance / etch support and needs the enhancements offered.

If you're currently on version 4.1 please sit tight while we continue to evaluate the new version. We will email our Dragon medical clients within about the next 30 days to advise of the update process.

For new packages and licences of
Dragon Medical 4.2 please call 1300 255 900

If you have any questions about this update please email:dragon medical 4.2 support


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