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Dragon Educational Software – version 12

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 EducationalDragon Naturally Speaking 12 educational-academic speech recognition software, enables individuals to control their digital world by voice. The voice recognition software is three times faster than typing, and is used in schools to help both students and teachers increase productivity; particularly in schools where students may have language-based learning problems, such as dyslexia, or on occasions when students may have injured their hand which prevents them from typing.

The creator of Dragon Software, Nuance, offers educational institutes the opportunity to purchase their software at a reduced cost thanks to their “Dragon NaturallySpeaking Educational Site License”. All an educational institution needs to do is to simply state the name of their institution when purchasing the product, either online or on the phone, to qualify for the discount.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Educational 12 Edition contains all the normal features found in the Premium and Professional Editions – just at a lower price.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Educational Professional 12 Edition retails at $499.00; the Premium Edition can be purchased for $149.00 (launch price in Australia is at $99.00 this mid of September 2012). Despite the price difference, it is recommended for schools to purchase the Professional Edition because of the plethora of additional features which are included.
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The Professional Edition works in Outlook, Excel, Word, Word Perfect and Lotus Notes; there are advanced security features; advanced custom commands (text and graphic); the ability to create custom vocabularies; support is available for Citrix deployments; the ability to use voice shortcuts for calendar and email applications, and much more.

While the computers and laptops in your institution most likely use “onboard sound cards”, these tend to be of low quality meaning that the Dragon 12 software cannot hear your voice clearly. Therefore, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Educational 12 Software requires high quality sound input to work properly. A high quality USB microphone headset, such as the Andrea NC181VM USB Digital Noise Cancelling Microphone, is needed to ensure the most accurate and reliable results are experienced.

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