VEC SoundTech GN-USB-2 Gooseneck Desktop Microphone

VEC GN-USB2 Gooseneck Microphone works brilliantly with Dragon in a low to moderate noise environment.

Accurate and the convenience of not having to wear a headset. Powered by the high-speed USB technology and driven by unparalleled audio acoustics, this hands-free microphone facilitates PC recording, voice recognition and more. VEC GN-USB2 has the ability to cancel noise in most conditions. You can adjust its 18-inch neck while recording as per your convenience. Plug and play microphone for convenience Uni-directional microphone facilitates noise reduction.
Red LED indicator lets you know when the microphone is on for convenience when using Dragon Voice recognition.

For best results, the microphone must be within 40 cm of your speaking position.

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