Premium 13 contains the core features that you need to integrate speech recognition into your day-to-day activities and will allow you to dictate into almost any application on your computer. This includes Microsoft Word, Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. In fact just about anywhere that you want to type, you can simply dictate. Dragon Premium 13 review.

Imagine cutting your email workload by at least two thirds? Saving time and save money by discovering speech recognition.

Imagine what you can do with all that spare time that you just freed up by using Naturally Speaking 13?
Dragon Premium can cut your typing by at least 80%. We use Dragon to dictate directly into our webpages - like this one - so we can quickly update the website. You can dictate into WordPress - so that you can blog by voice quickly and easily. Wherever you need to input text or information, you simply speak and the words appear. It really is that simple.

Dragon Premium 13 no longer requires voice training. This is a huge improvement over any previous version. In the past you had to read a series of paragraphs to teach the program about how you sound. This was tedious and time-consuming - you no longer have to do this!

Start Dragon in the morning and dictate into every window that you are planning on typing into.
Just turn on your microphone and start speaking.

Dragon Premium 13 really does have the power to transform your day-to-day activities. Whether you're at home, in the office or studying, Dragon Premium has the ability to greatly reduce the amount of time that you spend typing. It will also save your wrists and hands.

There's a different Dragon Premium product to suit your particular circumstances. There are options like wireless headsets and digital voice recorders, which will really enhance your speech recognition experience. Contact us if you have any questions about the best product for you.

With over 15 years' experience not just selling but actually using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, we can help you, advise you, talk you through any issues or set up problems and generally give you a hand. We even provide affordable training options to expedite your use of speech recognition. That's something to think about before ordering from other websites that only sell boxes - they don't include help and advice from experts in Australia.

Call us. You'll be glad you did - 1300 255 900

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  1. dragon 13 premium

    Dragon Premium 13 (DVD)

    As low as: $179.00

    New! Dragon Premium 13. Full licence for one user. DVD Boxed edition.
    free shipping 

    Learn More
  2. dragon 13 premium wireless microphone bluetooth

    Dragon Premium 13 with Wireless Headset

    As low as: $279.00

    Don’t restrict yourself to your desk when turning your talk into documents, buy Dragon Premium 13 Wireless Bluetooth Edition. Take advantage of the ‘away from keyboard’ nature of voice recognition software with your choice of a basic Bluetooth Wireless Headset or a High Quality Jabra Wireless Headset. Learn More
  3. dragon 13 handsfree desktop microphone

    Dragon Premium 13 - Desktop Mic

    Regular Price: $279.00

    Special Price: $259.00

    Dragon 13 Premium achieves new levels of productivity by letting you interact with your PC by voice, with 99% accuracy. The hands free desktop package includes the Andrea SuperBeam Array Microphone to dictate or modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations and more with more freedom and flexibility. Learn More
  4. Dragon Premium 13 Mobile digital voice recorder

    Dragon Premium 13 with Digital Voice Recorder

    As low as: $279.00

    Dragon Premium 13 digital voice recorder edition allows you to dictate your notes and when out of the office. Dragon 13 will train to your specific voice, allowing you to plug the voice recorder and transfer the audio when you return to your Windows PC. Dragon will then transcribe the dictation into the application of your choice for editing and correction. 

    Learn More
  5. Dragon Premium 13 Academic Educational

    Dragon Premium 13 - Academic Educational

    As low as: $149.00

    Dragon Premium 13 - Academic - Educational
    Dictate or modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations, send email & search the Web. Educational discount pricing for Educational Organisations and academics.

    Learn More
  6. Quick Training Session

    Quick Training Session


    If you are too busy for one of our full hour remote training sessions, then book a Quick Training Session for Dragon Naturally Speaking (PC ONLY). This takes about 15 minutes and we quickly go over the basics to ensure your Dragon is running fast and accurately. We also backup your user, check your audio setting and then optimise your user profile for best performance.

    Make the most out of your investment in speech recognition technology. Book a remote quick training session today.

    Learn More
  7. Dragon Premium Two User

    Dragon Premium 13 - Two User Licence

    As low as: $359.00

    Before you buy your edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13, ask yourself if there is anyone else you know that could benefit from talk to text voice recognition software that works three times faster than typing with 99% accuracy. If you do, then save money by purchasing the Two user pack edition. Learn More
  8. Dragon Premium 13 Five User

    Dragon Premium 13 - Five User Licence Pack

    As low as: $789.00

    Save when buying Dragon Premium 13 software with a multi user pack for five users. Perfect for the workplace or even a smart way to save money with a group of friends get any document on your PC down quicker with the fastest and most accurate voice recognition available. Learn More
  9. naturally speaking 13

    Dragon Premium 13 - Upgrade (DVD)

    As low as: $149.00

    NEW! DRAGON 13 -  Upgrade from your existing Dragon Premium 11 or 12 software.

    The new Dragon Premium 13 has much greater accuracy and speed than 11/12. This is the DVD boxed version.
    In Stock.

    Learn More
  10. Remote Training / Support

    Remote Training / Support


    We train and provide technical support anywhere in Australia using a remote support. We will set you up to achieve maximum accuracy and ensure that you are using Dragon to its full extent. Most users access less than 30% of the programs features without professional instruction.

    Make the most out of your investment in speech recognition technology. Book a remote training session today.

    Learn More

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